Bring the Rain/Joann Franklin


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Description Sixty-three-year-old Dart Sommers–a professor of psychology and the founder of The Raindrop Institute (TRI), a think tank dedicated to eradicating poverty–is intelligent, resourceful, and ambitious. She has always considered her brain to be the best part of her. When she finds herself reacting inappropriately to situations at work and forgetting pieces of her day, she realizes that her mind is betraying her. Before she gets confirmation from a doctor, she knows her diagnosis: she has frontotemporal dementia (FTD). And whatever symptoms she’s experiencing now, they’re only going to get worse. As she struggles with the reality of her illness, Dart finds herself falling for her friend Ash–who is her boss and the still-grieving widower whose wife died of FTD. As Dart’s health deteriorates and she faces conflict at work with a colleague who wants to take over TRI, she pushes Ash away, determined to spare him from more heartache. But he refuses to give up on her–and as events unfold, Dart begins to suspect that love, not decisions based on logic, might change everything. This emotional sequel to The Raindrop Institute can easily be read as a stand-alone novel.